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If you have been a victim or witnessed a crime it can be a difficult and sometimes daunting and complicated process. Our priority is to ensure you are given the correct support and advice to help you feel more confident when giving evidence in court and to help you in your recovery journey.

What happens when you are a witness

You may have to go to court as a witness to support a case or give evidence if you have been the victim of crime, if you have witnessed a crime or someone you know has been accused of a crime.

The Witness Service can provide support to help you through this process.

  • You can call them on 0300 332 1000 and someone will contact you within 2 working days, or

The Witness Charter has more information on the basic standards you can expect from the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales if you are a witness to a crime and if you are asked to give evidence in court.


How Victim First can support you

If you are receiving support from Victim First we can help by making a referral to the Witness Service and providing support throughout the process.

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