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Available support

What support can you provide?

Please visit our Help for Adults page for information on the support we can provide.


Are you a counselling service?

We are not a counselling service. Our caseworkers are trained to listen, empathise and recognise the emotional impact that crime can have on a victim or witness. We can provide information and advice on your specific circumstances or signpost to relevant counselling services.


Can you help me move?

We can provide a supporting letter to the appropriate housing authority to aid with a move but we have no power to rehouse you.


Relationship with the Police

Are you part of the Police?

We are not the Police. We are a free and independent service who work alongside the police.


Can I report a crime?

To report a crime call Leicestershire Police on 101 or report online by clicking on

In an emergency always call 999.


Can I receive an update on my case with the police?

We are not involved with the investigation and cannot provide updates on individual cases, please contact Leicestershire Police on 101 for this information.


How can I contact my allocated Police officer?

You can ring Leicestershire Police on 101. If you are receiving support from us and we have details of your officer we can support you with contacting them on your behalf.

More information

Information about types of crime