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If you have been a victim or witness of crime, Victim First can help you understand your rights and support you with the information you need.


  • Victims’ Code: Every victim and witness of crime in England and Wales is entitled to support from criminal justice agencies under the Victim’s Code.
  • Criminal Justice System: We can explain what help and support you can expect from other criminal justice agencies.
  • Your Rights: Victim First will help ensure you understand your rights. You are entitled to help and support if a close relative or friend has been a victim of crime and you are affected as a result.
  • Help for Victims: The Victims Commissioner website has more information and useful guidance designed to help you at the different stages of your journey.


This leaflet from the Ministry of Justice sets out what you can expect from the Criminal Justice System if you are a victim or witness of crime. It contains information about organisations that you can contact for free advice, practical information and emotional support.


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