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After you have contacted us, we will listen to what you have said and look to see if there is a way forward to improve things.

If the harmer can be identified, we will approach them to see if they are willing to enter into talking to us and explain the restorative justice process and answer any questions they may have.

They may need time to think about what has been said and to leave the offer of communicating open to them.

People can also change their minds. Sometimes, when someone has had said, ‘yes’, later they may say they are unsure. This is part of the process that we help manage, giving emotional support and guidance along the way.

Quite often cases move slowly allowing all parties to come to terms with their feelings and emotions.

Time is also needed to gather information and make sure that any risks are understood and manged in a safe, risk free way and that common ground is always maintained.

If everyone agrees and there is common agreement communication will happen either directly, via face to face meetings, or indirectly, in the form of letter writing or shuttle mediation, within a safe environment.

We will provide emotional support and guidance throughout the whole journey and answer any concerns that you may have.

Please feel free to speak to us.