Your Rights


Your Rights:

1.   Victim’s Code; Every victim of crime in England and Wales is entitled to support from criminal justice agencies under the Victim’s Code.

2.  Criminal Justice; we can explain what help and support you can expect from other criminal justice agencies

3.  Your Rights; we can help show you what you can do if you are unhappy with the way your case has been dealt with

4.  Useful Links; we can provide you with information for other What to Expect from Criminal Justice Agencies


What to Expect from Criminal Justice Agencies:

There are a number of agencies within the criminal justice and all of them have made a commitment to ensure they help victims. Below are some of the ways in which these different agencies can help you.

  • Police will: take statements from victims and witnesses; provide victims with crime reference number; identify if a victim is vulnerable and/or intimidated; assess victim needs and refer them to support services if required; request special measures for victims; update victims throughout the investigation; inform victims of the role of the Witness Care Unit
  • Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) will: If required apply for special measures to be used in court, decide on victims’ attendance at court, arrange for prosecutors to meet victims, write to victims explaining why cases have been discontinued
  • Witness services will: Arrange court visits, meet victims at court and support them during a trial
  • The Courts will: make decisions on special measure applications and ensure they are in place if granted; consider the needs of victims when setting trial dates
  • Witness Care Units will (after the first court hearing): inform victims of any outcomes, i.e. guilty pleas, trial dates; assess victim needs and refer to support services, keep victims updated, offer them involvement in the Victim Contact Scheme
  • Support services will: give non-judgemental support and advice, discuss and assess victims’ needs, explain civil court options
  • The Probation Service will: (if someone is sentenced to 12 months or more for violent/sexual offences) explain the sentence to victims and offer involvement in the Victim Contact Scheme; inform victims about key stages of offenders’ sentence; tell them when offender will be released; keep victims informed about parole board decisions; advise them on making a Victim Personal Statement
  • Youth Offending Service (YOS) (under 18 only) will: Inform victims of the outcome of their case and ask victims their views on what they think offenders should do to make amends
  • The Prison Service will: Provide a helpline number for victims to call if there is unwanted contact from the offender numerous agencies and support groups that can help you.