Restorative Justice

Have you been a victim of crime or anti-social behaviour?

Victims of crime or anti-social behaviour can request for Restorative Justice in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Restorative Justice is a voluntary process where both victims and offenders have to agree that they would like to take part in the process.

Restorative Justice can take place at any stage within the Criminal Justice Process.

Restorative Justice may be suggested as a way of helping you, depending on what your crime involves. This is where you can meet with or communicate directly with the offender. They will take responsibility for their behaviour and you will be able to explain the impact it has had on you and ask questions.

Restorative Justice is about victims and offenders communicating within a safe environment to talk about the harm that has been caused and find a way to repair that harm.

For the victim, meeting the offender can result in a huge sense of relief, aid recovery and help you move forward. Victim First can help arrange and facilitate contact.

To find out more, speak to a Victim First team member, by calling 0800 953 95 95 or emailing