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Help for Adults

If you are a victim or witness of crime, our caseworkers offer free, confidential and independent advice and tailored support to meet your needs.

Types of support

  • Emotional support

    Caseworkers are trained to listen, empathise and recognise the emotional impact that crime can have on you.

  • Mental health support

    We work alongside a mental health nurse who can help support around mental wellbeing.

  • Online platform for digital counselling

    We have a digital platform called Qwell which is accessible for anyone aged 18 and over who have been affected by domestic abuse or sexual offences. The support is anonymous and allows you to have online contact with a counsellor about how it has impacted you.

  • Specialist support

    We will help you find the appropriate support and make direct referrals.

  • Crime prevention

    We work with a specialist security service who can provide crime prevention and safety measures for added support.

  • Restorative Justice

    Restorative Justice is a voluntary process which offers you the opportunity to potentially communicate with the offender to address any harm caused.

  • Advocacy

    We can contact services on your behalf to help (for example support from your local housing).